#9. The RIGHT kind of Magnesium Can Send You to Dream Land

If you didn't know, Magnesium supplements are a lot of people's 'secret weapon' when it comes to falling asleep... But not all types of magnesium are created equal. Magnesium Silicate (aka talc), is used in sub-par supplements as a filler and anti-caking agent. This Talc is similar to asbestos in composition and can cause stomach and lung problems when inhaled or ingested (it's even been the subject of a few class action lawsuits!).

Thankfully Naturalstacks 'MagTech' Magnesium complex rides safely to the rescue. I was introduced to the magical stuff when hormonal issues were causing a lot of sleepless nights. These folks claim to have created the most bioavailable magnesium supplement on earth. Magtech uses three kinds of Magnesium to send you off to dreamland. 1) Magnesium Glycinate; to relax muscles 2) Magnesium Taurate; to calm your nervous system and 3) Magnesium L-Threonate; to relieve brain fog and memory problems associated with sleep deprivation.

This stuff has a permanent home on my nightstand.

#13. I’ve Saved The Best For Last… An Energy Drink That Actually Supports Your Immune System

Look, we all have days where we just didn’t get enough sleep, but still have to go to work and meet all our responsibilities. On those days, I used to reach for gas-station energy drinks, and I’d pay the price when they wore off: stomach upset, energy crashes, and feeling sick and dopey.

Vitamin Energy doesn’t give you a temporary boost of energy through sugar and synthetic ingredients. It gives you a mix of essential and rare vitamins that support short-term energy and long-term immune health.