Our Story

It’s a lot of work to be a ‘smart shopper’… New discoveries, new brands, new products, new trends, new 💩 to cut through. There is so much choice and not enough understanding.

Facebook: “Buy this thing!” ‍Amazon: “Here are 2,000 choices for a new anti-aging face cream.” ‍Instagram: “I’m an influencer look at me!” ‍Google: “Wait is was that an ad or a search result?”

Which brands are the best? Which products actually do what they say they’ll do? What products meet your values? And what do your peers think about them?

Now more than ever you’re presented with a huge number of products to sort through and choose from. Exhausting? Exciting? Frustrating? All of the above...

The Worthy Goods (or TWG for short) exists to be a trustworthy guide. We help you find answers in a noisy consumer world.

Our small but mighty team scours the internet for the best products that solve real problems. We try those products to learn if they work, write up our experiences and negotiate special offers to share with you, our savvy reader.

Sometimes we hear from our fans “I love what you're doing but how can you afford to do this? How do you pay for all this?” Good question! In short, we’re supported by our loyal readers.

When you buy a product from one of our collaboration pages, we will usually earn a small commission. TWG readers are better informed and are better consumers, everybody wins.

We take our commitment to your trust seriously.‍

Reviews are independent and unbiased. The best way to have you come back to our site or read our emails is to freely give loads of value.

We hope that you’ll share our articles with your friends and family. We hope you’ll share your product experiences with us. ‍ Reach out to get featured so our whole community can learn from your experiences!

Thanks, Susan Anderson // The TWG Editorial Team