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Vitamin Energy

An Energy Drink That Does More

When was the last time you had an energy drink? For most of us, it was probably pretty recently. Perhaps even today before reading this article. They've become incredibly common and can be bought just about everywhere. For many people, they're a staple to helping them get the energy they need to get through the day or boost their workout.

Energy drinks started to pick up momentum in the USA around 1985 with Jolt Cola. However, these drinks were solely focused on giving consumers sugar and caffeine, and they weren't shy about it. Jolt Cola's slogan was even "all the sugar and twice the caffeine." Energy drinks were made with artificial flavors and a high-calorie count. So while you could stay energized to do more, the intake of extra calories was not always offset by calories being burned from all that extra energy. Not to mention the crash that resulted in a few hours later once you came down from that sugar high.

Modern-day food, diets, and lifestyles don't always supply our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients they need to maintain consistent energy levels. This is why more and more people are viewing energy drinks as an acceptable way to stay energized. In turn, this has led to the demand for energy supplements and drinks that are actually healthy and still effective.

Natural caffeine and vitamins B6 and B12 are becoming more common in energy drinks to provide natural energy. But there's still always the question about whether particular energy drinks are good for you. Are there more benefits to drinking them than just temporary energy? What if there was an extra-strength caffeine shot that was packed with vitamins and gave you sustained energy and alertness throughout your day? Oh, and that also tastes good.

These words are my personal experience and opinions, not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • More Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Supports Weight Loss
  • Convenient To Drink
  • 7+ Hours of Energy
  • Immune Boost


  • The effect might differ depending on the body of the individual. Go check it out for yourself to see the results!

What Causes Low Energy?

Most people experience dips in energy throughout the day and throughout the week. And every day can be different due to a number of factors.

The amount of sleep we got the night before and the quality of sleep affect our day, but also the sleep debt we've compounded throughout the week. That one night of 10 hours of sleep doesn't make up for the 4 hours the past two nights. And even though we closed our eyes for 8 hours we could have been restless, causing a low sleep quality. When we're busy working we can't usually sneak in a quick nap in the afternoon when we start to feel tired.

The next factors that affect our energy are diet and exercise. Ever feel sluggish the day after eating a heavy meal? Or perhaps you didn't get in your workout yesterday and feel even more tired today. The more consistent we are with keeping healthy eating habits, taking our vitamins, and exercising the more energized we'll feel as we go about our day. Even then, it's still possible to feel dips in energy levels (boring meetings, stuck in traffic, staring at a computer screen for too long).

Stress is a huge factor that impacts our lives. With everything going on around us, people's stress levels are on the rise. When we've stressed our bodies remain on high alert (think fight or flight mode). Our bodies aren't designed to be under high stress for long periods of time, and so we tire out and it becomes harder to feel energized and focused.

To battle against the dip in energy levels we most often rely on coffee and other products that contain high levels of caffeine, and sometimes even food. Depending on what we're consuming they may be packed with sugars, carbs, calories, and not contain enough vitamins and minerals to provide our bodies with the energy it needs.

Ratings Breakdown

QUALITY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vitamin Energy shots are Non-GMO and contain natural flavors. To ensure consumers would enjoy their products, Vitamin Energy conducted focus group tests and sampling events prior to launch.

VALUE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One Vitamin Energy shot costs between $1.75-2.50. This is less than other energy shots, such as 5-Hour Energy. While other energy drinks can be purchased for less, one Vitamin Energy shot provides 260mg of caffeine and 7 hours of energy. Unlike an energy drink that only contains 100-200mg of caffeine, meaning you are drinking more than one throughout your day.


Vitamin Energy has a 100% money-back guarantee, with no time limit, allowing you to try out Vitamin Energy shots at your own pace to see if they work for you. When ordering online, you'll receive your Vitamin Energy shots within 2-5 days.

BRAND ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vitamin Energy's head office is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. It was founded by Nick Mihnovets and Larry Greenway in 2018.

PERKS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The more you buy the more you save. Vitamin Energy shots come in packs of 12 for $29.95, but if you order more packs you save more. Buying 7 or more packs will save you 30%. Free shipping is available on all orders of $39 or more. Vitamin Energy also has a First Responders 1:1 Giveback program. So, for every pack you order online, Vitamin Energy gives a 1-for-1 Vitamin Energy grant.

Nick Mihnovets Vitamin Energy Founder

About Vitamin Energy

Vitamin Energy®Super Shot

A somewhat newcomer to the energy drink market, Vitamin Energy launched its first product, Immune+, in 2019. Vitamin Energy is about providing you with the energy you need in a healthy and convenient way. This is why they developed 2 0z shots, instead of large cans or bottles. And focused on recipes that included essential vitamins. In an already saturated market, their goal was to provide people with more than just another energy drink, but something people could take on a daily basis that really benefited their lifestyle and overall health.

To make things even more convenient for consumers Vitamin Energy made their shots extra strength, so consumers could take 1 shot and not have to think about the crash that would be coming in 3-4 hours, but instead get energy for 7 hours. In fact, they focused on a recipe that would remove the caffeine crash altogether.

With traditional energy drinks having a bad rap for their chemical taste and artificial flavors, Vitamin Energy made sure include natural flavors. Because if you're going to drink something, you should be able to enjoy it.

We are proud that Vitamin Energy® is Keto Friendly, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO. It’s Energy, with Benefits™


All Vitamin Energy Shots are Keto Friendly, Vegan, Gluten-free, and Non-GMO. They provide up to 7 hours of energy and contain vitamins to support a healthy lifestyle. The bottles are also incredibly small - 2 0z, making them easy and convenient to carry in your purse, workbag, or gym bag - no more heavy 12 oz cans. Their energy shots contain zero sugar, zero carbs, and only 10 calories. Their extra strength formula provides 260mg of caffeine per energy shot.

Immune+ Shots

Immune+ Energize up to 7+ HOURS

Vitamin Energy Immune+ Shots contain Vitamin C (10 oranges worth), B3, B6, B12, Potassium, and Vitamin Energy’s natural caffeine blend of L-Carnitine tartrate, Green Tea Extract, and Citicoline. They are formulated to give up to 7 hours of energy while supporting your immune system. Immune+ Shots are orange-flavored.

You can order a pack of 12 bottles for $29.95. Or order multiple packs to save up to 30%.

Focus+ Shots

FOCUS+ Energize up to 7+ HOURS

Vitamin Energy Focus+ Shots are designed to help you focus more, have more clarity, and help with memory. They contain Vitamin B6 and B12, Niacin, Potassium, L-Theanine (which can help improve mood and lessen anxiety), L-Leucine and L-Valine (amino acids), L-Isoleucine, CoQ10, and natural caffeine. Focus+ Shots come in Tropical or Berry flavor.

You can order a pack of 12 bottles for $29.95. Or order multiple packs to save up to 30%.

Vitamin D

VITAMIN D 100%+ Energize up to 7+ HOURS

Can't get outside to enjoy the sun and soak up some vitamin D? Vitamin Energy Vitamin D Shots contain 100% of your daily recommended Vitamin D. To give you energy they contain Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, as well as natural caffeine. Vitamin D Shots come in Mixed Berry flavor.

You can order a pack of 12 bottles for $29.95. Or order multiple packs to save up to 30%.

Other Products

Packed with Body Nourishing Vitamins

Vitamin Energy has a number of additional energy shots and products:

  • Mood+, with 5-HTP and chamomile
  • 8-H Sleep, with valerian root and L-theanine
  • B12, 14,000%, plus vitamins B3 and B6
  • Sport+, with electrolytes and D-ribose
  • Burner+, with tea polyphenols and raspberry ketones
  • Workout+, with beta-alanine and l-arginine
  • Vitamin Supplements
11 in 1 Advanced Immune Formula

Additional Staff Reviews

"These Vitamin Energy Shots are life-changing! It keeps me focused, energized, and good to go! Compared to other brands I've tried, Vitamin Energy is way better than what I had before. It's easier for me to keep them in my bag and grab one when I need it."- Kaley O.

"These energy shots amaze me. It keeps me going, even when I'm experiencing extreme fatigue while working on a large creative project that requires a lot of mental capacity. It even enhances my mood and the flavor is great!"- Janet

Customer Testimonial

Tastes great in fruit drinks. Good product, gives that energy you need throughout the day without the low dip and crash after the product has provided the intended results. – Linda M.

Wonderful product! Probably the best energy shot I've ever had, no kidding!!! Taste works for it but the effectiveness is what I love. I would take one daily if able! – Ross W.

Love them. They do give me a boost of energy, but don't make me jittery or nervous, just pick me up several for hours, I tried the sample and they taste good, so I bought 3 dozen and got 3 bottles free, I've been taking one a day. - James M.

Life changing! Vitamin energy has made a big positive impact on my life! With vitamin energy, I’m able to get more done than ever before! Vitamin energy gives me no crash EVER and gives me my daily dosage of vitamins! Definitely hooked now! – Kenneth B.


What ingredients in Vitamin Energy Shots give you energy?

Vitamin Energy shots contain Vitamins B6 and B12, as well as natural caffeine from green tea extract.

How much caffeine does one shot contain?

One Vitamin Energy Shot contains 260mg of caffeine.

How often can I drink it?

It is recommended to only drink 1 to 1 ½ energy shots per day. It is recommended that healthy adults don’t consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day. One Vitamin Energy shot contains 260mg of caffeine.

How long does the energy last?

Everyone reacts to caffeine differently, but you can expect up to 7 hours of energy.  

Can children drink it?

No, children should not be consuming Vitamin Energy shots.

When should I drink it?

You can drink Vitamin Energy shots whenever you feel you need extra energy to help you through your day – morning or afternoon. Because the energy can last for 7 hours we recommend ensuring that you drink it at least 7 or 8 hours before you need to sleep.

How many cups of coffee does it replace?

One cup of regular coffee contains about 95mg of caffeine. One Vitamin Energy shot is equivalent to 2.7 cups of coffee.

How does caffeine compare to other energy drinks?

Other energy drinks can contain anywhere from 100-200mg of caffeine. Vitamin Energy contains 260mg.

Can I drink less than one shot?

Absolutely. In fact, if you’re unsure how your body will react to the caffeine, it’s recommended to start with only a half shot to see how you feel. Just make sure you consume the remaining shot within 72 hours.

How much sugar is in Vitamin Energy drinks?

Vitamin Energy drinks contain zero sugar.

Can I still drink coffee if I drink an energy shot?

It's recommended that adults don't consume more than 400 mg of caffeine in a day. Vitamin Energy shots contain 260mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee contains 95mg. If you drink an energy shot, it may be okay to still drink a coffee, but you still take care to not consume too much caffeine, and drink coffee and the energy shot several hours apart from one another.

The Bottom Line

Energy, with Benefits™

In an effort to get the most out of our day, energy supplements have become a common part of people's diets. They allow us to have more focus and boost energy levels as we work, study, work out, and just go about our days. Finding a supplement that also can support our health with vitamins and nutrients is huge and often an important decision factor in the products we choose to consume.

Vitamin Energy shots (Immune+, Focus+, Vitamin D, etc.) do just that. No jitters, no sugar crash, and no need for multiple shots. Just sustained energy and alertness. Packed with vitamins and nutrients that help us stay healthy, and taste good, they're an energy supplement we can feel good about.

Check them out online to find the Vitamin Energy shots that support your lifestyle.