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New Mood

A Natural Supplement For Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes our brains just won't shut off. We're thinking about what we did during the day, re-examining conversations with customers, family, friends. We're going over what we have to do tomorrow, the day after, and sometimes even farther out. We're meal prepping, to-do-list making, and stressing about things that haven't even happened yet (or even, are unlikely to happen).

When our minds do this before bed it makes it impossible to fall asleep quickly. You're tired, but your brain won't shut off. And you know tomorrow is going to be more difficult because you aren't going to get the 8 hours of sleep you were planning on.

Sleep has a huge impact on all aspects of our lives. So it's important for us to find ways to get more of it, but, as with so many of things in life, quality is actually more important. For many of us, getting more sleep isn't possible, but getting a better quality sleep is.

New MOOD® was formulated with your happiness in mind


  • Formulated to assist daily mood & relaxation
  • Promotes daily calm
  • Supports a healthy mood balance
  • Supports natural serotonin production
  • Easy to take pills


  • Certain supplements may affect how antidepressants function (we always recommend you talk to your Doc before starting new supplements!)

What Causes Stress?

Perhaps the better question is what doesn't cause stress?

Stress is different for everyone. The human brain is complex, and we all have different, complex lives, where different factors will cause one person more stress than another. Our past experiences dictate how things will affect us, and we are constantly gaining new experiences.

On a basic level, stress is anything that causes our bodies (including our brains) to be pushed out of balance.

Our ancestors' brains activated a fight or flight response when under external stress factors, such as a dangerous predator. But they led fairly basic lives where survival was their primary focus. For most of us today, we aren't coming face-to-face with bears or tigers. Our every day, external stress factors aren't typically life threatening.

So, while our brain still sends those same signals, the cause is not the same, so our bodies and brains react differently. Depending on what's causing us stress, it might not be quickly resolved, so we hold onto stress for longer periods of time. Our stress compounds and so it becomes even more difficult for us to manage our mental health.

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise (an increase in blood flow throughout the body), balanced nutrition, and quality sleep can help reduce stress or help us handle stressful situations. However, as our lives get busier, have more responsibilities, or see shifts in environment (personal and work related as well as physical spaces), we're not always able to maintain a regular schedule, be it physical activity, eating habits, or sleep. Stress management is one of the top issues people face every day.

Continued stress can cause low levels of serotonin production in our bodies, which is an important mood balance chemical in our brains. So we need to find ways to boost serotonin levels. As people's lives are busy and complex, finding solutions that fit within each person's lifestyle is important.

What Causes Low Serotonin Levels?

Any number of factors can cause a person's serotonin levels to dip.

Substances such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine can cause dips, especially when taken in excess. When we're tired or feel we need an energy boost, we often resort to caffeine. That energy boost from caffeine is actually increasing the same fight or flight response in our body. This is why many people start to feel anxious when they consume too much coffee or caffeine.

Low levels of serotonin can also be caused by changes in a person's hormones (PMS, menopause), extended periods of stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, and even exposure to phobias.

A person's genetics also affect the production and absorption of serotonin.

When serotonin levels are low our bodies are usually either not producing enough serotonin or are not using the serotonin we do produce effectively.

While there are a number of foods and activities that can help increase serotonin, it can be difficult to know how much of the foods we need to eat or how much sunlight, for example, we need. It can also be difficult to consume enough to increase serotonin.

How can you measure serotonin levels? Brain serotonin levels need to be measured by using deep brain stimulation carried our by neurosurgeons.

Ratings Breakdown

QUALITY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Where possible, Onnit uses ingredients that are UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. These programs help ensure that the ingredients are grown sustainably and provide more opportunities for farmers, such as better farming methods and better crops.

VALUE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A 60 ct bottle of New MOOD® comes to $59.90. Depending on whether you take 1 or two pills per day, this bottle can last at least a month.


If you purchase a 30 ct bottle of New MOOD® and after 2 weeks of consistent use (2 pills/day) it doesn't work for you, you can reach out to Onnit for your money back.

BRAND ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Onnit was founded in 2011 in Austin TX by Aubrey Marcus. He is an industry leader, multisport athlete, and public speaker. Onnit is now an Inc. 500 company.

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You can get free shipping on purchases over $150. Onnit also has a rewards program. As you purchase products you're earning rewards for exclusive products and discounts. You can also earn points for referring your friends.

Aubrey Marcus - Onnit Founder
Onnit Founder Aubrey Marcus, Industry Leader and Multisport Athlete

About New MOOD®

New MOOD® is a daily supplement that can help you manage mood. It can help with relaxation and promote natural serotonin production. As they say on their website it can help "turn down the noise of the chaos." It's essentially a supplement that can help improve your overall mental health.

New MOOD® is typically retails for $29.95 for 30 supplements, or  $59.95 for 60 supplements. But TWG readers get a special discount of up to 30% off + FREE 14-day Sleep Smarter Plan ebook.

New MOOD® combines 5-HTP with L-tryptophan (an essential amino acid), two of the building blocks of serotonin. Serotonin levels are linked to mood, happiness, positivity, even digestion, bone health, our ability to learn, and our body's ability to heal wounds. So when serotonin levels are low we become out of balance and often experience higher levels of anxiety and depression. High levels of anxiety and depression have negative effects on all aspects of our lives. Therefore if we can increase serotonin levels we can bring a better balance to our daily lives.

New MOOD® is caffeine free, dairy free, gluten free, keto friendly, nut free, paleo, and soy free. So they can be taken regardless of your diet.

New MOOD® is designed to support mood balance, serotonin production and daily calm

Ingredients For Tranquility

The key ingredients are 5-HTP, magnesium, Tryptophan, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6.

They also contain Onnit's Tranquility Blend:

  • chamomile, for it's calming properties
  • valerian root, to help promote sleep and a feeling of tranquility
  • lemon balm, to help maintain a positive mood
  • jujube seed, to manage restlessness
New MOOD® is perfect after a stressful day

More than just 5-HTP and Tryptophan, New MOOD® also contains Magnesium which is an important chemical that actually supports hundreds of functions within our bodies. Including helping maintain proper blood pressure levels. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps with synthesis of serotonins, while Vitamin B6 aids in the manufacturing of amino acids and neurotransmitters.

Possibly the best part of New MOOD® is that it isn't introducing artificial serotonin or working like an antidepressant (which don't increase serotonin levels, but are often selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors).

New MOOD® supports the body's natural serotonin production, so the negative side effects that are commonly associated with antidepressants are absent.

The idea behind New MOOD® is that when you improve one area of your life - be it sleep or calmness throughout the day - other areas of your life will also benefit. Purchasing New MOOD® is simple, order online for fast shipping - right to your door.

Or Try An Instant New MOOD®

New Mood Instant Drink Mix
New MOOD® Instant for happiness on the go

New MOOD® Instant is a drink mix that can help with feeling calm and relaxed, and supports natural serotonin production. Like the New Mood supplements they can be taken any time of day, and contain the same levels of Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Magnesium, and Vitamins B3 & B6.

They also contain Onnit's Tranquility Blend of chamomile, valerian root, lemon balm, and jujube seed.

They are caffeine free, gluten free, keto friendly, nut free, and soy free and come in 4 different flavors: Pineapple, Orange Guava, Mango, and Elderberry Lavender. A great option for anyone who doesn't like, or has a difficult time, swallowing pills.

New MOOD® Instant is available in a 30 ct box for $59.00.

Additional Staff Review

"After battling with depression and anxiety for years I know how important it is to make sure I do everything I can to feel my best. If you've dealt with mood disorders - you know how hard managing your serotonin levels can be. New MOOD® is the easiest way I can take care of my mind, body and spirit." - Ashley B.

Real Customer Reviews

"It's the real deal. Works like a charm! I feel a whole new level of relaxed!" -** Joey Z.**

"Absolutely recommend it. I bought this for my fiancée to help her boost her mood after work and she definitely notices a difference in energy after work. Definitely will keep taking it." - Troy R.

"Finally getting good sleep. This product helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. I only take half the dose because that’s all I need to sleep and not wake up." -** Eric L. ** "Life Saver. I’ve literally tried so many things and so many antidepressants in my life. This is truly the first supplement that has ever made any difference for me. My husband noticed a difference the first day I took it which I had no idea was even possible. I’m not one to leave reviews on anything but I feel like this saved my life. Nothing works the same for everyone but it’s so worth a try." - Aiysha

"Oh so this is what sleep feels like? I’m a first responder with late hours and have never been one to get quality sleep. I couple this supplement with melatonin and it worked like a charm. Some of the best sleep and recovery I have had in 10 years." - Mary C.


Can children take New MOOD®?

New MOOD® is intended for adults 18 and over and is not recommended for children.

When should I take New MOOD®?

You can take New MOOD® any time of day. Whenever you feel most stressed or need to calm your busy mind. Most users report taking it before bed, but find the time of day that works best for you.

How many pills can I take at a time?

You can take 1 or 2 pills at a time. You shouldn't exceed 6 pills within a 24 hour period.

Will New MOOD®  make me drowsy?

New MOOD® supplements will not make you drowsy, but instead help you feel calmer and more relaxed. This relaxation can help you fall asleep faster, but will not make you drowsy if taken during the day or while you're working. If you operate heavy machinery or have a high risk job and are concerned about the effects of New Mood, we suggest taking them at night, or testing how your body reacts to them on the weekends.

Can I take New MOOD® if I am taking sleeping pills?

If you are on other medication, including sleeping pills, you should consult your doctor before taking New MOOD®.

How soon will I see results?

Some people saw results immediately, but everyone's different. It could take up to two weeks before you notice any changes in mood and sleep. Also, if you are only taking 1 pill at a time and not feeling much of a change in mood, it's recommended to take 2 pills at a time.

Can New MOOD® treat depression and mood disorder?

New MOOD® aids in the body's production of serotonin, which has been linked to a person's mood, happiness, and positivity. However, New Mood is not certified to treat mood disorders such as depression. If you have been diagnosed with a mood disorder such as depression you should consult your doctor before taking New Mood. It is not advised to replace doctor-prescribed antidepressants with New Mood.

Can I take New MOOD® if I'm on antidepressants?

If you are on any medication for mood disorders, such as depression, you should talk to your doctor before taking New MOOD®. Certain supplements may affect how antidepressants function.

New MOOD® can help balance your daily stress and turn off an anxious mind

The Bottom Line

Serotonin plays an important role in our daily lives. We all face daily stresses that affect our mood, energy, and ability to sleep. Daily stress can lead to a serotonin deficiency, which in turn can make us less motivated to do things that would boost serotonin levels.

New MOOD® will lift you up where you belong

New MOOD® is healthy way to improve mood, reduce stress, and get a better sleep. Their blend of 5-HTP and the essential amino acid tryptophan naturally affects serotonin production. Along with Onnit's Tranquility Blend it is a safe and gentle way to calm the nerves and quiet the noise. Making it perfect for before bed, and safe to take any time during the day.

TWG is pleased to offer our readers an exclusive offer of up to 30% off + FREE 14-day Sleep Smarter Plan ebook - get your New MOOD® today!