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Myro Deodorant

We All Sweat

Our bodies naturally sweat throughout the day as our body temperature fluctuates. When our body temperature rises we produce more sweat and as the sweat evaporates, it cools us down. This is why we sweat more when we have a heavy sweater on, when we're working out, but also when we're nervous. When anxiety kicks in our nervous system reacts, thinking that we're going to have to fight something or run away from it. Our bodies are trying to cool themselves down.

But did you know that it's really only the sweat under our armpits that produces body odor?

Our armpits smell because our sweat glands are different there than the rest of our body. As the water, salt, and fat contained in our underarm sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on our skin, that's when we create embarrassing body odor.

Luckily there's one plant-powered deodorant that actually lasts all day.

Myro is a natural deodorant that offers strong odor protection.

In this review I share how Myro's Refillable Deodorant worked for me. Read on to find if Myro's right for you.


  • Proven 24 hour freshness with natural scents
  • Refillable tubes save money (and the environment)
  • Proudly aluminum, paraben, and gluten free
  • Probiotics and sage neutralize BO bacteria
  • Aloe soothes the skin for streak-free, comfortable glide
  • Vegan, and cruelty-free - certified by Leaping Bunny


  • Ordering online makes can make it more difficult to pick out a scent

Ratings Breakdown

QUALITY ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Before bringing the product to market, the team spent a year researching, testing, and getting user feedback to find the right formula for their natural deodorant. They also put development into the stick design so that it's reusable, portable, durable, leak-free, and TSA friendly.

BRAND ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Myro customers have saved over 30 metric tons of plastic by switching to Myro.


Myro offers a "Good Vibes Guarantee," a 30 day refund or exchange on 1st purchases.

VALUE ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Myro offers a variety of starter kits and bundles to help you get more for your money. One 2oz pod last about 30 days. Starter kits come with a case and 2 pods of your choice.

PERKS ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Save 30% On Myro + FREE SHIPPING on all orders

About Myro

Myro's Refillable Deodorant

The stick deodorant we use today hasn't seen any major changes since 1970.

When Greg Laptevsky was looking to start a new business venture, he surveyed 1,000 people to find out what they were most concerned about. It turns out antiperspirant and deodorant deserved an update.

The survey determined that most people were dissatisfied with their current deodorant. The ingredients, how it stained clothing, and how it could be more convenient to use throughout the day. So Greg got to work.

Before bringing the product to market, the team spent a year researching, testing, and getting user feedback to find the right formula for their natural deodorant. They also put development into the stick design so that it's reusable, portable, durable, leak-free, and TSA friendly.

While other natural deodorants often use coconut oil or shea butter, Myro has opted for aloe which soothes the skin and gives the natural deodorant a smooth texture. Their natural scents release over time and are less likely to cause skin irritation (than synthetic essential oils).

Myro's Refillable Deodorant

Myro is a "Plastic Neutral Brand". Meaning they eliminate or offset an equivalent to 100% of the plastic they create.

They also contain ingredients that absorb moisture to help minimize sweat. Because they understand that every body is different, it's available in 3 different formulas: All Natural, 24 Hour Performance, and Sensitive Skin.

One of the things that sets Myro apart is their refillable cases. So you're sending less plastic into the landfills. Just pop in one of their 2 oz pods and you're consuming 50% less plastic every time. And did we mention they come in different colors?

Myro Refillable Deodorant

24 - Hour Performance Starter Kit- $27.99

Myro's 24 Hour Performance formula is made for those who like to work up a sweat - or need a little more protection.

To create a stronger odor protection, the 24 Hour Performance formula is 99% natural and 1% safe synthetic.

All their formulas are water-based and contain aloe, probiotics, sage, and 100% natural scents. The probiotics and sage neutralize odor, by getting rid of the bad odor causing bacteria in your armpits.

Myro deodorant is aluminum free, paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, baking soda free, and 100% natural.

And these refillable deodorant pods are 100% recyclable!

Myro's 24-Hour Performance formula comes in 3 vacation-worthy scents:

  • Spa Day: A fresh breeze of Salt Air + Lavender + Cypress
  • Island Hop: Coconut + Pineapple + Vanilla
  • Chai Sunrise: Ginger + Cardamom + Cocoa

How Does Refillable Deodorant Work?

In order to cut down on wasteful packaging - Myro is switching up the deodorant game with refillable deodorant pods.

How To Use Myro's Refillable Deodorant Program

How To Swap Out Your Refillable Myro Deodorant Pod

  1. Righty tighty lefty loosey. Twist and lift cap to open.
  2. Pop in a new pod. Twist to lock until you hear a “click”.
  3. Rinse and recycle your used pod. Feel awesome.

One bottle of deodorant may not seem like a lot. But at the rate I go through it - it can quickly add up. Thanks to Myro I'm done chucking my plastic deodorant in the trash. From now I'll be ordering a replacement - delivered right to my door.

TWG Editor Reviews

"So I purchase Island Hop from Myro… and it is AMAZING. It took me a few weeks to get used to wearing natural deodorant… as I am brand new to it. I learned that your body needs to purge from using aluminum for so long, but after the transition I feel so much healthier! As a women in my 40s breast cancer has always been a huge fear. The speculation of a correlation between aluminum deodorant and breast cancer was enough to make me make the switch. After 3 weeks I can say I am SO glad I did. I feel healthier, and the peace of mind that an all natural solution brings is worth every penny."- Jacqueline

"Myro being a waste free deodorant option? YES PLEASE! As a mom, I see all the waste that my family creates weekly, and it is EMBARRASSING. I claim to be eco friendly, and yet every waste day that comes I seem to be piling bags and bags out on the street. With two teens and a pre teen, personal products take over all the counter space in my home, and empty bottles and single use products fill the garbages weekly. Myro has provided the option to keep the same container and just pods that go in. As an added bonus... we are obsessed with the scents! If you and your family are looking to cut down on waste, I recommend Myro!" - Nicola

Customer Testimonials

"Smells awesome! The scent of this one is amazing. I love that the formula doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin." - Christina B.

"Summer clean scent. I love your products and the smell of this is awesome. I am also glad that you have such good customer service, my first deodorant of this scent was melty and you quickly replaced it." - Cathy S.

"Nice product. Great, smooth application, never sticky or wet and doesn't show on clothing. I use the unscented and love it!"- Laura A.

"Love my Myro Purchase! This natural deodorant is a really great product. Keeps me smelling fresh and controls wetness also. Highly recommend this product." - Julie S.


How long will one deodorant pod last?

With every day use, one 2 oz pod will typically last for one month.

How long will the deodorant keep me smelling fresh?

Every body is different. And different scents and formulas work better for different people. Myro Deodorant has been tested and formulated to last up to 24 hours, however depending on your body and lifestyle you may need to reapply throughout the day.

Is Myro Deodorant tested on animals?

Myro Deodorant is certified vegan and cruelty free through Leaping Bunny.

Will I start to smell more if I switch to a natural deodorant?

Many people find there is a transition period for their body after they switch from traditional antiperspirants and deodorants to natural deodorant. They notice they sweat a bit more or their body odor is stronger for anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

If it lasts longer you may want to try switching scents, or to the 24 Hour Performance or Sensitive Skin formulas.

Does Myro Deodorant contain aluminum?

All Myro deodorants are aluminum free deodorants.

Will Myro Deodorant keep me from sweating?

Deodorants do not contain aluminum, which is the ingredient used in antiperspirants to prevent sweating. Myro Deodorant does however contain natural ingredients that can help absorb moisture.

Why should I switch to a natural deodorant?

Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain a variety of chemicals that can irritate the skin, while insufficient testing has been done to determine whether or not those chemicals can have serious, long term, negative side effects on our bodies.

Is aluminum free deodorant the same as natural deodorant?

All deodorant is aluminum free. Only antiperspirants tend to contain aluminum. Aluminum free deodorant can still contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients, while natural deodorant only contains ingredients derived from plants and other natural sources.

The Bottom Line

As a self proclaimed “health nut”,  I have been trying to use aluminum free deodorant for a few years now.

I was anxious to try Myro. I've had a hard time finding an aluminum free deodorant that actually lasts. Before Myro, I had to reapply natural deodorant products 2-4 times a day for the coverage I needed. I hated living with that uncomfortable feeling.

Fast forward to a month on Myro.

After just 4 weeks of using Myro I have actually noticed a huge shift in my body chemistry. I didn't expect this to happen - but I didn't seem to sweat as much. I only apply my deodorant once in the morning, and once more IF I go to the gym or do a work out. This natural deodorant actually works.

You can buy Myro's 24 - Hour Performance Starter Kit for $27.99.