My Life Changed When I Discovered This Healthy Energy Drink (And It’s Backed By Research)


How I Got Hooked On Energy Drinks

I never thought about what I was putting in my body until recently. As a busy editor for this website, I spend a lot of my day focused on creative briefs, article submissions, and coordinating with writers. (That is, when I'm not keeping my team of writers on track with our publication schedule).

It's a pile of work, and the job comes with a great deal of stress. Any delay on my end can hold up editorial campaigns, sideline an entire team, and cost the company oodles of money in lost ad revenue. I need to be at the top of my game to keep all the plates spinning.

For years, I would abuse my body with caffeine in every form. For a while, I thought it was working. Life seemed good. The company was profitable and my relationships were strong. I was keeping up an active social life while still making time to work out. I had it all.

I didn't realize what I was doing to myself at the time by drinking energy drinks.

These words are my personal experience and opinions, not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • Provides three supplements that are specifically developed to help your body in the morning, at night, or before physical activity.
  • Vegan & Plant-Based
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • GMO Free
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What Causes Insomnia: Why Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Very Bad Thing Indeed

Everyone knows that all-too-familiar feeling of "why am I still awake?"

Little did I know, trouble was brewing of the "should've seen it coming" variety. My first mistake was thinking that I could have everything I wanted if I said yes to every opportunity that came my way. But my second mistake? Was relying on what is more or less a 500mL can of pure sugar to fuel me throughout the day.

Soon Enough, I Started To Notice Some Problems

First, I started getting heavier. My husband always said that he never noticed anything (of course). But stepping on the scale in the morning, I could tell I was putting on weight. Then came the insomnia. I'd spend 10 hours working, get home, fall into bed, and stare at the ceiling wondering why I wasn't tired. I would drift off to sleep around 2 AM, only to wake up at 7 and realize I had a whole day of meetings and briefs and emails ahead of me.

Next, I started getting tension headaches. I'd always gotten tension headaches, but now, they were becoming more frequent. I also felt tired during the day -- more tired than usual. The worst part, though, was the brain fog. When the beverage would wear off, I'd find that my energy levels would plummet. My focus & attention suffered as a result. I couldn't focus on any of my editorial tasks, and talking with our writers and ad reps was exhausting.

Finally, I noticed that my appetite had changed. I was always eating, but somehow never full. I kept food at my desk and in my car so I could reach for a snack when I felt the urge to wolf something down. I'd never had trouble with my appetite before, so out of curiosity, I looked at the ingredient list on the can.

Some sodas, energy drinks, and flavored lattes seem to have more sugar than caffeine.

And At The Top Of The List -- Number One With A Bullet -- Was Sugar

That's when I decided it was time to detox from the sugary garbage and look for a healthy, sustainable solution to my energy problem. I spent some time doing some research, and I came across a company that's created a healthy, natural alternative to "Rad Bull" and their competitors.

Oh - the cravings were real.

Ratings Breakdown

QUALITY- ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

All the ingredients are 100% natural and plant-based, and the products are synergistically formulated to enhance the effects of each ingredient

VALUE - ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

Combining several ingredients and products into a single bundle means the company can offer more comprehensive solutions for less money


Ordering is fast & easy, and the brand lives up to their 100% satisfaction guarantee

BRAND - ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

This company supports life-saving mental health initiatives, so you can feel good and do good at the same time

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Save up to $210.24 USD by purchasing in bulk

About MANTRA Labs

The Wellness Company Built On Nature And Science

Research is at the core of everything this company does:

  • Their advisory board includes doctors, athletes, personal trainers, and nutrition coaches.
  • They've consulted with world-class nutrition experts and partnered with some of the world's leading ingredient suppliers to ensure their products contain safe, credible, and effective ingredients.
  • They're also a company with a noble mission: They donate part of every sale to mental health initiatives across the United States. The co-founders of this company have both spoken about their own struggles with mental health.
MANTRA Labs Founders Paul Janowitz and Jared Padalecki

The Science Behind MANTRA

This system is free of additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other troublesome ingredients. It's also zero calories & zero sugar. It's great to be able to have the energy I need to power through my day, be able to sleep at night, and feel like I'm treating myself. (Coffee never did any of those for me...it just left me feeling wired before having a massive crash.

Plus, all three blends taste great!

And even more impressive -  it's built on the same science that won the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2017, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael W. Young won a Nobel Prize for their efforts in illuminating the mechanisms of action that control the circadian rhythm. Or, for most of us who don't speak "science": They figured out how the sleep/wake cycle works.

By studying fruit flies, this team found the gene that regulates the sleep/wake cycle. This gene creates a protein that builds up overnight, then gradually breaks down over the course of the day.

This was proven again in a study with a Mimosa plant. Researchers noticed the plant would open its leaves in the morning - and close in the evening. When the same plant was put in darkness - it continued to go by its biological clock - even without the trigger of the sun. The researchers found that the human biological clock works the same way.

But when that internal clock is disrupted, like by flying six time zones west or working late into the night, it causes some lifestyle and well-being problems. The researchers also say that constantly being in a state of misalignment between your circadian rhythm and your lifestyle increases the risk of multiple diseases.

That's right -- poor sleep can make you sick.

If you're a night owl, even if you sleep in the next day, you're still going against your natural circadian rhythm, which can dysregulated your appetite, blood pressure, temperature, and more.

A plant demonstrating its biological clock - even in complete darkness

Chrono Bundle

A Plant-Based Supplement System Built On The 2017 Nobel Prize.

MANTRA Labs - The Chrono Bundle System

I've had no more trouble sleeping since I started using this system. Instead of the terrible insomnia I used to get, I have the energy and focus I need to get through my day -- and the balance I need to sleep through the night. Plus, the food cravings have stopped, and I'm not seeing any more weight gain.

The product is quite easy to use: Scoop a prepackaged serving of powder into a 12-fluid-ounce glass of cold water, and you're good to go. I like to make mine in a drink shaker bottle so that the powder dissolves evenly without any spills. Plus, it's easy to take with me to the gym, in the car, or to the office. The product also comes in prepackaged to-go packets that you can drop into a bottle of water anytime, anywhere.

The MANTRA Labs to-go packets are a quick & easy way to get your boost on the go

The Chrono Bundle is designed to complement and reinforce your natural biorhythms, so you get natural energy and focus during the day while still being able to rest and recover at night. Instead of creating artificial energy, it's designed to amplify the natural wisdom of your own body.

It also helps to support a healthy immune system, and it delivers the on-demand boost you need without calories or sugar. It's organically sweetened & made with natural ingredients and flavours. This 3-Step System is designed for use throughout the day. The concept of chrono-nutrition is baked into this product. Chrono-nutrition is all about getting the right nutrients at the right time so you can boost your mood, improve your cognition, and stay energized all day.

  1. I take RISE first thing in the morning to get my brain going and prepare myself for the day.
  2. The RISE blend is enriched with Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, potassium, thiamin, green coffee extract, green tea leaf extract, and over 1,800 milligrams of Aquamin, a natural mineral compound sourced from marine algae. RISE also includes the Focus blend of nootropics for peak cognitive performance. It's a great way to start my day and prepare myself to lead my team of writers at the office. After all, my day may not get less hectic, but my brain can be.
  3. The GO blend offers a great lunchtime boost to get me through my afternoon.
  4. I usually don't have enough water in the mornings, simply because I spend so much time at my desk or flitting between meetings that I rarely have enough time to think about my own needs before lunch. So that usually means chugging a bottle of water with my lunchtime salad before rushing back into the office to put out more fires, but it's still often not enough. Since I started using the GO blend, though, I'm finding it's easier to stay hydrated throughout my day, which helps me focus and reduces my headaches. Plus, just as the name implies, it's easy to use when you're on the go. No matter how busy my day may get, it's easy to tear open a to-go pouch and drop it in a bottle of water.
  5. After a busy day, unwinding with the REST blend is a nice treat.
  6. The lemon chamomile flavour makes for a delicious nightcap, and with a blend of adaptogens, melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine, and magnesium, it's a great natural way to drift off to sleep. It isn't habit-forming, and I wake up in the morning without feeling groggy - unlike other supplements. (I used to try to manage my sleeplessness with valerian root, but I always found I woke up the next day feeling like my head was full of fog. Now, I wake up each morning feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to go!)

I look forward to starting my day with a run now that the REST blend has me sleeping easy.

I even have the energy to exercise twice a week, cook a healthy meal every night, and go hiking on the weekends! I always thought sleeplessness was just the price I had to pay for having a rewarding career. But the Chrono Bundle has proven that I can show up the way I want to at the office, power through my day without cravings, take the time I need to care for myself, and still get a good night's sleep.

MANTRA Labs - The Chrono Bundle System

MANTRA Labs - The Chrono Bundle System

MANTRA Labs - The Chrono Bundle System

Additional Staff Review

"I've seen a good number of these "caffeine-free" "non-energy" beverages. Chrono Bundle has to be one of the better ones I've come across. I love that it's not only a single beverage -- it's an entire research-backed system for energy and stamina. This one is definitely something you'll want in your pantry or on your desk while you're working." - Jess M.

Customer Testimonials/Reviews

"Always worth the money. I'm back in a steady and healthy routine thanks to this stuff, and it is excellent. Rise at 6am, gym at 7 after the kids are on the bus with GO mixed in my water bottle, and Rest at 930 when the kids and I hit the sack. For the stability alone, it is worth it. For the peace of mind of having a good night of sleep after years of insomnia and waking up feeling good so I can be there for my kids? Even better."
"Game changer! I started with Rise, Go, Rest, and Hydrate. OMG, I mix the Rise and Go together in the morning and I feel focused and energized WITHOUT the jitters I used to have with morning coffee. Thanks to this system, morning coffee had been ditched! The hydrate is amazing, as my electrolytes get wacky in this heat. Pour a little packet into my water, headaches go away and I feel refreshed. I was really surprised at how well the Rest works. I was fully expecting it not to, but gave it a try anyway. Man, it really does get your body nice and relaxed before bed. The reason why I tried this system in the first place as opposed to a variety of other products is their mission and commitment to raising awareness and funding mental health services. As someone who knows a great deal what that fight is like, I truly love this about them. I am so impressed by this company, both for their products and their ethics. I will absolutely be trying more products and am loving the ones I am already using."
MANTRA Labs - The Chrono Bundle System

Other Editor Reviews

"I tried a similar (although much cheaper) product years ago by some other brand. The weight gain completely caught me off-guard. That's when I looked at the ingredient list and discovered it was full of sugar! No wonder I was buzzing all day only to crash at 2 PM and have trouble staying awake the rest of the afternoon. I love that the Chrono Bundle is completely sugar-free. No more sugar crashes for me!" - Kaley O’Brien



Our internal biological clock has very distinct, specific nutritional needs throughout a 24-hour cycle. Our daily clock runs on circadian rhythms that are dictated by many factors such as light and darkness, body temperature, and our sleep-wake cycles. This internal clock can affect our alertness, fatigue, and levels of energy throughout the day. MANTRA Labs has a solution to nurture those natural bio-rhythms and maximize our human potential during every phase of the day and night.


Yep! Everything we make, and do, is focused on the environment, and total health (which includes the planet, animals, and you – and you are technically an animal too). So for us, that means everything we make is Vegan & Plant-Based.


We make it easy for you to build positive and healthy habits and keep your chrono-nutrition needs met. Our easy subscription service delivers the nutritional supplements you want right to your door on your schedule. You will save 15% off the standard price of all supplement orders, and receive VIP gifts and access. You can pause or cancel anytime and every shipment has our 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a subscription, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Bottom Line

Sugar-filled energy-boosting drinks are the past. Step into the future with this sugar-free, caffeine-free energy system made from all-natural ingredients. Discover if the Chrono Blend is right for you.