I didn’t realize how many toxic chemicals I was putting in my mouth when I brushed my teeth


Using natural products that are good for you and for the environment is important to you.

You’ve swapped out your drugstore deodorant for all-natural. And you buy skincare that isn’t chock full of harmful chemicals.

But did you know that most mainstream toothpastes - even some of those claiming to be natural - have toxic chemicals that can do you more harm than good?

Not to mention all of that plastic packaging that ends up in the landfill after you’ve finished them...

It makes you want to throw your hands up in the air in frustration. You just want to do good: for your body and for the planet.

But how can you do good for your body when your toothpaste and mouthwash instructions explicitly tell you NOT to swallow. #makesyouwonder

And then you look a little closer at the potentially harmful ingredients on the label:

  • Microplastics
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Glycerin
  • Fluoride

Even if you’re not swallowing these ingredients, they enter your bloodstream. You certainly don’t want microplastics in your body.

But what about fluoride? Isn’t that good for your teeth?

Fluoride does make the enamel of your teeth harder, but it's not necessarily beneficial to use all of the time. If you eat a healthy diet and take good care of your teeth, fluoride isn’t necessary. A deficiency of fluoride will NOT cause tooth decay. It is not a nutrient... it’s a medication.

It’s also toxic. While the amount you’re exposed to through toothpaste is very small, you may also be exposed to it through drinking water, some bottled water, table salt and shower water.

Chronic overexposure to fluoride can lead to a whole host of problems like joint stiffness, hyper sensitivity, gastric irritation, birth defects and cancer...

So, what can you choose? Is there something out there that’s truly safe, natural AND effective?

Because it’s not like you can skip brushing your teeth. That would just create a different set of health problems.

But there is something else you can do...

… something that’s eco-friendly and natural. Plus it fights germs, removes plaque and polishes your teeth beautifully...

You’re no longer stuck ingesting weird chemicals for the sake of a clean mouth. Introducing The Dirt. Oral hygiene products that are effective, eco-friendly and natural.


The DIRT uses ingredients that are good for the body and the planet. You won’t find any microplastics or sodium lauryl sulfate here.

You also won’t find excessive, wasteful packaging.

What will you find? Earth-derived ingredients that clean your teeth and mouth... without the worry of nasty chemicals flooding your system.

And the products work for everyone! Even if you have sensitive teeth or crowns. Kids can use it too.

The Dirt. Sustainable dental care products you feel good about putting in your body… and about what you’re not putting in the landfill.

The Dirt dental care products are made with a blend of clay, herbs and essential oils to clean your teeth without harsh chemicals or artificial flavors.

Now you can:

  • Clean your teeth and mouth naturally
  • Cut down on one-time-use packaging
  • Avoid ingesting or absorbing harmful chemicals
  • Fight cell damage with antioxidant rich herbs
  • Remove stains with bentonite clay
  • Get rid of plaque and tarter with essential oils

You can finally ditch those toxic, mainstream dental care products forever!

People who care about their health and the environment are switching to The Dirt in droves… and getting the best results of their life!

There’s finally a choice to use natural, eco-friendly dental care products that actually work. In fact, most of our customers say our products work better than their mainstream counterparts…

“Both me and my mom were dealing with intensifying tooth sensitivity/issues. So we decided to try DIRT and see what happens. We started to notice results IMMEDIATELY! Almost 90% of all our issues subsided after the first few brushings! WE WERE SOLD! Neither of us complained of teeth issues again after that. Love it!” Richard C.A.

“Love! Love! Love! Had looked for a long time for an all natural toothpaste… then I found the Dirt! Love the powder, the application, the clean feeling! So worth the peace of mind for leaving all the bad things of toothpaste behind!” Karen M.

“Slowly we have been trying to go as natural and as zero waste as possible in our home. Sometimes that means sacrificing quality… that is not the case here! After the first brushing, and after every brushing since, I have that ‘fresh out of the dentist chair’ feeling. My teeth feel so smooth and clean and it lasts all day. I have never had that with any toothpaste before. I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase.” Dustin K.

You’ve already gone ‘green’ with many of your self-care products, now you can add oral care to your list...

You don’t have to continue buying products with excessive, unnecessary packaging. Or products with chemicals that can create health problems.

When you care for your teeth you want a white, gleaming smile and fresh breath. Without harming your health or the environment.

Now you can with The Dirt.

The dirt

And there’s no risk to you.

All of The Dirt's products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That’s because we believe so strongly in our products. We know you’ll love what they do for your teeth... and for the planet.

Click the link below to ditch those toxic chemicals for good (and save BIG on The Dirt Tooth Powder)

The Dirt Tooth Powder Review | The Best Natural Toothpaste Alternative