A New ‘Science Backed’ Self-Help Journal is Giving Back ‘Full Control of Mental Health’ to Everyone

Self Love

Karen lost everything she owned (and so much more) by paying for therapy that never worked. Then, ‘everything’ began to change… I first interviewed Karen in 2020. I wore a ‘Prison Visitor’ lanyard. She was due for release in three days.

I expected to see a face that wore the incredible story of what she’d been through. Instead, I saw one of the kindest, welcoming faces I’d ever seen. She reminded me of my own Sister, which made it even harder for me to hear her ‘truth.’

After the normal pleasantries, I slipped nervously into ‘reporter mode’ and asked her to take me back to before it all fell apart …

Karen’s Story

The Lightning Bolt Before She Found Self-Love At 28, I was happy and normal – whatever that is. No kids (yet) and a partner who I loved in every way.

I owned and ran a dog grooming parlor in the Carmel suburbs of Indiana - and my partner, Rob, was in construction. We loved to travel and were financially secure – ish.

My father had passed when I was 14, leaving behind just Mom and me. I know all mother and daughter bonds are close, but she was my whole world. And my closest friend. I’m talking ‘four times a week catchup and daily phone call’ close.

In 2018, my fit, healthy, still very good-looking mom had a massive heart attack and died on the spot.

After weeks of indescribable grief, I thought we had a chance to be ‘OK.’ That I could get back up -‘carry on’ – and gain back some sort of normality.

Fast forward twelve months and I had no partner, no business, no home and no will to live.

The Invisible Danger

Very slowly, slow enough that I had no chance of seeing the danger, my own mind turned against me. Grief and utter shock were the triggers, yes, but the ‘real’ damage came from blocking out the pain.

I thought if I swallowed down all the hurt that it would eventually become bearable. If I let Rob see that I could move on – we had a shot.

But I know now, all that does is give you early shoots of hope. I also know now, that it sets you up perfectly, to be destroyed physically, mentally and emotionally. Seven weeks to the day after the funeral, I had a nervous breakdown.

Therapy helped. In fact, I became reliant on it. But once I was discharged from the hospital, it stopped. So, we tried private therapy and although very expensive, the ‘hope’ of a future slowly returned.

Months passed. Bills mounted. I sold my business. The “how are you feeling today?” genuine concern from Rob became covertly laced with “we can’t do this forever!” genuine concern. I knew it was killing us, but I also knew that without it, I was finished.

More months passed. More bills mounted. Final demands appeared. Rob’s ‘covert’ concern was no longer covert. I stopped having private therapy.

At least, that’s what I told Rob.

Loans, credit cards, I even stole off Rob to continue having the ‘hope’ of a normal life one day. The whole I dug for us both was so huge, that we eventually lost our home – and our love for each other.

Hopeless and Alone

I didn’t blame Rob for leaving. Truth is, I didn’t care. I was emotionally dead. The whole breakup left me with nothing more than a shrug of ‘yeah, that makes sense.’

The most frightening thing about the next months of my life is that it can (and does) happen to any of us. No matter how safe we think we are, the line is veil thin and all too easy to step over.

In the space of a year, I’d gone from a happy, normal, financially sound, much in love 28yr old – to an alcoholic, drug addicted, shoplifting, suicidal prostitute.

In the few and far between moments of clarity I had left, I hated myself completely.

From the Bleakness of Prison Came Hope

That road only has two destinations. One is the morgue, and the other is State Prison. After countless slapped wrists and unpaid fines - I was sentenced to 10 months of the latter.

One of the things Mom used to say to me a lot was “there’s always hope.” She was, of course, quite right. Inside, I eventually got clean – I got sober – and I learned to grieve. AND, the counselling was not only free, it was mandatory.

Then, a few weeks before my release, the turning point that gave me back my life happened.

My counsellor offered me a journal that had helped someone close to her to turn their life around completely. From that moment on, my ‘hope’ began to grow again. And this time, it continued to grow.

I should tell you at this point that the counselor’s friend who recommended the journal was me.

After she told me she’d given it to Karen, I wanted to see if it helped change her life as much as it had changed mine. So I asked for the prison visit and was delighted when she agreed.

‍My story was nowhere near as extreme as Karen’s, but I was so convinced of the positive effect this journal can have on people, that as a reporter, I was compelled to search for further proof.

I arranged to meet Karen again a few months after her release. You’ll be amazed at how she’s doing now.

But first, here’s a glimpse into the journal and why it’s taking the self-improvement genre by storm …

The Self-Love Journal

What is it? AND What Can it Do for You?

Mental health is a journey that deserves expert guidance along the way

Traditional self-help journals have been around for many decades. The reason is a simple one – they work.

The downsides are that the majority of input is all on the user – and the motivation needed to keep it going can fade. This often means any ‘help gained’ is soon gathering dust in a bedside cabinet.

The Self-Love Journal by Switch has solved these issues and broken new ground by combining tried and trusted psychology techniques with the latest in scientific advancement.

Expertly constructed guides, affirmations, prompts and tasks are employed in various stages of the journal to keep the user laser focussed, highly engaged and fully energized to achieve their self-improvement goals.

The Self-Love journal is painstakingly designed to shift the brain from a harmful state of self-judgment and turbulence - to a state of mindfulness, compassion, positive self-vision and an all-important transformational mindset of success.

The proven strategies and tools used are fully backed by leading therapists and psychologists – and Just 10 minutes per day is all that’s needed to achieve the maximum, life-enhancing effects.

The results are a journal that is not only improving lives everywhere, it’s also saving countless dollars in therapy bills.

“It’s like paid for therapy – but even more personal”

Will The Self-Love Journal Work for Me?

Like I said earlier, my story is far less extreme than Karen’s and that proves to me that this journal can help anyone who is struggling in their life.

I suffered with anxiety for a number of years, and I know it held me back in both my social life and my career prospects.

Compared to Karen, it all sounds a bit insignificant, but my research has confirmed to me that untold numbers of us are struggling silently every day with our own demons.

However large or small our struggles are, the effects on our lives are entirely real and damaging.

Are You Self-Critical?

You now have a ‘safe space’ to help you unpack thoughts and emotions and replace them with healthier patterns of thinking. Without judgement

Are You Striving for Self-Growth?

You’ll be expertly guided through a transformational journey of self-discovery and development. Through innovative science, data, and research – plus proven psychology methods - you’ll know yourself on a deeper level, and never stop improving with ongoing help from expert psychologists

New to Self-Improvement Journaling?

The prompts, tasks and walk-throughs are scientifically designed for any level of journaling experience. You’ll be gently guided, fully motivated and completely inspired to embark on your life-changing journey

Take Full Control of Your Mental Health – AND Your Life

From becoming more assertive and confident to achieve your life goals– to overcoming the very darkest of times, this journal is transforming and optimizing lives on a staggering scale. And the news is spreading like wildfire.

I’m living proof that the Self-Love Journal works. It repaired my ‘self-damaging’ mindset – and gave me one of positivity, focus, determination and confidence.

I want to champion this journal because I’ve seen what it can do. Even for someone as ‘broken’ as Karen.

Used and Trusted by Leading Therapists and Universities

“They’re always on hand to help in real-time”

Karen’s Latest Update

Two months after her release from prison, I met up again with Karen …

How are you? And how is life for you now?

I’m really good, thanks. The happy, normal me is not only back, I’m a much improved version of my old self. In a strange way, I’m kind of glad that I went through what I did. I regret the damage it caused to others, especially Rob, but I doubt I’d have ever found the journal if I hadn’t.

So you put everything down to the journal?

No, not at all. The changes I’ve made – and the progress I’m now making in my life is down to me. I’m extremely proud of that. What I do believe, is that the changes would never have been possible without the journal.

Don’t forget, I tried countless therapy and psychology sessions to try and recover. That’s ultimately, what cost me everything. The journal helped me to alter my state of mind. It took me on a journey of, as the title says, self-love and inner discovery.

It helped me to heal both my emotional and physical well-being. After that, doors of opportunity and choice opened up like never before. The journal gave me the courage, self-belief and inner confidence to walk through them.

What would you say to anyone thinking of using the journal?

Don’t hesitate. Since I lost Mom, I’ve mixed with people in every walk of life and witnessed the struggles they face on a daily basis.

I know now with complete certainty that everything is caused by the mindset within you. From the tiniest of issues that hold you back, to the ultimate devastation of losing everything.

Unless you can alter that state of mind, and achieve one that propels your life forward instead, it’s almost impossible to change.

The Self-Love Journal gives you ‘the tools’ to change your state of mind. It saved my life. In every way possible.

If it worked for me, it can work for anyone.

So, what’s next for you?

(she laughed) – Whenever people said “anything is possible” I used to roll my eyes. Now, I know everything is possible – you just need the confidence to go for it.

I’m in the process of opening a new grooming parlour, and I have a man in my life again.

Yes, it’s Rob. I reached out to him before I was released. It’s early days, but I can’t describe how much my heart is singing now.

That ‘hope’ of a future I searched for has been replaced by a ‘certainty’ of a future. I wouldn’t say I completely ‘love’ myself just yet, but I definitely like who I’m becoming.

The journal is here to stay – and so am I.

How to Get Your Own Self-Love Journal

Switch is currently offering The Self-Love Journal at a discounted price of $29.97 (usual cost $38).

One of the the things we really love about Switch is that they stand behind their science, offering a 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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