How I Said Goodbye to Mysterious Protein Powder Ingredients

Protein Superfood

I Tried It For The Clean Ingredients But Turned Fanatic For The Taste

I’d just left my core class and was sitting in my SUV with my hair still wet when I realized something.

First I should say, I’ve always been a big believer in: you get out what you put in.

That goes for your life, your kids, your workout, your body…

So no matter how stretched I feel, I always:

  • Get to the gym even when I’m exhausted
  • Eat whole, clean foods even when it’s not convenient...

Because I know: how I treat my body has a huge impact on my mood and productivity.

So anyway, I’m in my SUV…

That calm post-workout feeling rushing through me…

And, like I’ve done 5 days a week for years, I choke down my protein ball, because:

Maximizing My Hard Work Has Always Been Important To Me

I tolerate the taste, and tolerate the texture...

And I realize 2 things.


I’ve been dreading my post-workout protein for years…

...yet nowhere else in my life do I ever settle for “good enough.”

And this:

I’m using a protein powder to BETTER my body, so why am I putting bad things in my body?

And let me tell you, this is coming from someone who has tried it all.

  • I’ve struggled with whey protein for years with its endless backlash on my stomach and headaches from all the added ingredients
  • Vegan pea protein is supposed to be healthier, but they’re also full of hidden sugar, fillers and other crap that doesn’t agree with me

Anyway, I went on a mission for a protein to add to my morning smoothies and workout routine…

...one that would keep me full, not wreck my belly, and had clean ingredients…

And let me tell you: finding it wasn’t easy.

It’s both daunting and empowering: becoming vigilant and proactive about everything you consume


These words are my personal experience and opinions, not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About Rootz Superfood I first heard of Rootz Protein Superfood from one of my favorite mommy bloggers.

She mentioned her kids love it too, which is unusual for protein powder...

Usually kids aren’t supposed to eat it...

...so I looked into it more.

It’s made totally of whole foods with no fillers or additives.

‍# And the protein is vegetarian (for the egg whites) not vegan, so it’s better for muscle development… Sacha Inchi was the only ingredient I wasn’t familiar with….

...turns out it’s a Peruvian seed that has all 8 amino acids, more protein than almonds, and 17 times the Omega-3s of salmon.

The Rootz founder seemed genuine…

And equally frustrated with the protein options on the market…

"I started Rootz Nutrition about 3 years ago, because I was frustrated with the lack of quality nutritional supplements available to me. I wanted something that was made from real, whole foods, didn't contain any nasty chemicals or sweeteners, but was also highly effective and didn't taste "earthy". Since there was nothing already out there that hit all of these requirements for me, I decided to go out and make my own supplements. These products have helped me tremendously in my own personal health and fitness journey, and I hope they do the same for you. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to reach out." - Harrison

The company really seemed to stand behind what it says: “what is left out of a product is just as important as what goes in.”

Rootz Protein Superfood also includes electrolytes, superfoods, and greens… with no artificial ingredients or fillers.

Now, I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on terrible products because they tasted bad, were too expensive, and had too many processed ingredients….

But I’ll tell you: from the first sip of the first smoothie I had with Rootz Protein Superfood, I knew I’d be able to drink it every day…

It’s the most delicious protein powder I’ve ever had.


Versatile, too:

  • It’s delicious in smoothies, but also just mixed into almond milk
  • I love that I can bake with it, and that my kids can eat it, no problem…
  • It has a kind of rich nutty-tasting flavor... not processed-tasting at all
  • ...and it never makes my stomach feel off the way other protein powders do.

The flavor, Chocolate Banana Nut, is nutty and subtle…

...so even if you don’t love bananas you’ll appreciate the natural taste.

I’m closer to a 100% whole and healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the routines that make my hard work worth it


It honestly feels like a fog has been lifted, and I feel stronger than I did before….

And it’s all because I refuse to incorporate anything less than healthy and whole into my routines.

Healthy is delicious. Whole is delicious.... I knew that all along.
It boggles my mind that I was making an exception for protein powder.

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Rootz Protein Superfood Review | A powder blend that is healthy AND tastes good