The Top 4 Products for Dry Eyes | A Closer Look at Organic Eye Drops

Are you someone who suffers from dry eyes? Since allergy season is right around the corner, many people may develop dry eye symptoms. In most cases, the condition may subside on its own. However, when it doesn't, you may find yourself asking what the best way to lubricate your eyes naturally is.

If you're tired of the traditional eye drops that offer temporary relief, there are plenty of natural products that can alleviate symptoms of dry eyes. Organic eye drops are intended to be free from preservatives and chemical substances that may make your condition worse.

If you suffer from dry eye regularly, opt for a more natural alternative. We've compiled a handy list of the top 4 products you can buy to naturally treat your dry eye at home.

What Are Natural Eye Drops And Should You Use Them?

Natural drops are a great product for people that have sensitive eyes or are allergic to the artificial ingredients in traditional eye drops. An organic drop contains natural ingredients such as plant extracts, essential oils, and natural substances that can relieve irritation.

Most people aren't aware of this, but some chemicals in traditional eye drops may be bad for your body. These chemicals have proven side effects; however, a lot of companies continue to use them.

For example, a common eye lubricant Carboxymethylcellulose may be bad for your gut, causing diseases like IBD. Moreover, some manufacturers cannot avoid contamination in Polyethylene Glycols, which is another lubricant found in regular eye drops. These contaminants are known to cause cancer.

Furthermore, most traditional eye drops have average customer ratings, which means people aren't pleased with their effects. Hence, we recommend you opt for a more natural alternative, which the next part of this article discusses!

#1 Eyetamins- The Best Solution to Dry Eye

If you frequently suffer from dry eye, it may be because you're not getting enough eye nutrients in your diet. Many of us don't keep track of our nutrition, and we may be missing out on some crucial vitamins.

Eyetamins are one of the best natural supplements for your eyes. It can help with irritated eyes and eye pain and is recommended by ophthalmologists! Eyetamins only contain organic and vegan ingredients and come with a 100% money-back guarantee if they don't work for you.

These natural supplements are completely safe to use. They're manufactured at FDA-approved facilities and clinically backed, so you have nothing to worry about.

Read our comprehensive Eyetamins Review to find out why it is the top cure for dry eye.


  • Doctor-recommended vitamins
  • Provides comfort for contact lenses
  • May heal blurred vision caused by dry eyes
  • One bottle lasts two months

#2 Eyeganics Organic Tears

If you're looking for a natural product to treat your dry eye, there is hope. The Eyeganics Organic Tears are made with plant extracts and essential oils. Since it does not contain synthetic chemicals and is preservative-free, the Eyeganics ointment is much safer than traditional products.

If you are allergic to the ingredients in non-organic drops or have sensitive eyes, this product is perfect for you. It's time to ditch the single-use vials and use this natural alternative instead. These lubricant eye drops are vegan and cruelty-free and don't contain any ingredient that harms the environment.

The drops are made with natural ingredients and are free from synthetic chemicals. This means they could be gentler than your typical drops. They also support the health of the cornea.


  • Lubricant eye drops that support the health of the cornea
  • For people who struggle to wear contact lenses
  • It only contains three ingredients, sodium chloride(salt), water, and organic glycerin
  • Developed by medical experts

#3 Natural Ophthalmics Tear Stimulation Drops

Some people may have a chronic dry eye condition. This condition is usually caused when the body isn't able to produce components of the tear film. Fortunately, the Tear Stimulation Drops are here to save the day.

This treatment involves using two fully organic eye drops with five broad-spectrum ingredients that can heal your affected eye. This treatment is ideal if your eye lacks moisture causing you to experience eye pain.

The Tear Stimulation Drops are perfect for women who face a higher risk of developing dry eye due to hormonal changes. It also contains two special ingredients for women who develop dry eyes because of menopause.


  • Specially designed for women
  • Completely natural with no preservatives
  • It provides relief to the burning sensation caused by continued redness
  • Doctor-approved

#4 Organic Evening Oil Eye Drops

The final product on our list is the Organic Evening Oil Drops. Try this all-natural drop if you haven't found a cure for your dryness. The Organic Evening Oil is perfect if your eyes can't produce tears that cause redness and irritation.

The product only contains four inactive ingredients, consisting of organic essential oils. It comes in a handy container with a dropper, allowing you to apply the drops on the surface of your eyes easily. The drops can provide instant relief and have additional antibacterial and antiviral properties.


  • Good for mild condition
  • All-natural organic oil
  • No preservatives or extras
  • It has additional anti-bacterial and viral properties

Final Thoughts

Before treating dry eye at home, we recommend visiting a doctor for medical help. However, if your condition isn't serious, we think it is time to ditch non-organic products. If you're tired of trying natural products for your dry eye that don't work, we suggest you try one from our list.

Our top pick to treat dry eye is Eyetamins. This natural supplement is suitable for everyone, including children! If you're not getting enough nutrients to support your eyes, Eyetamins can solve that problem.

We read reviews online, and a large number of people agree with us. The product has an average rating value of 4.7 stars, which is a really high score! If you want a more permanent cure to dry eye, purchase the Eyetamins Dry Eye Comfort today.

Eyetamins Review | A Daily Multivitamin For Dry Eye Comfort