I was Accidentally Hitting the ‘Snooze Button’ on my Biological Clock


My lack of sleep was affecting every part of my life. Not sleeping meant I was tired all day. Being tired meant I couldn't focus. This left me always feeling unproductive and stressed. I would dart from task to task - never really finishing anything. I kept having to stop and ask myself:

“Wait - what was I doing again....”

Everything just felt... harder. Invitations started to feel like chores I didn't have enough energy for. Caring for myself - my hobbies - my diet - all suffered the consequences of a lack of sleep. I had no energy to do the things I HAD to do - forget the things I wanted to do.

My tolerance for caffeine was so high I didn't get the "kick" I needed anymore. It was just a coping mechanism that made me jittery and irritated. But without it - I'd be running at an even bigger deficit.

I was always tense and would snap at the people I loved most. Usually followed by an evening of regret and guilt - analyzing where I fell short. It was a constant cycle of abuse in my head.

I didn’t realize it then - but my body was in survival mode.

Even though I went to bed exhausted - I fought to fall asleep each night. I would lay down and turn out the lights. But as soon as my head hit the pillow - my brain turned on. And my body followed.

My sheets felt hot. My pillow was uncomfortable. Every sound amplified by the quiet of the night. And then I would focus on my mistakes of the day. I obsessed over the things I forgot to do or didn’t have time for.

I used to feel like the neon glow of my alarm clock was taunting me. Every time I looked up - the minutes would pass faster and faster. I kept reassuring myself - saying I’d be fine with 6 hours of sleep. 5 hours. 4 hours...

When I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion - I would wake up a few hours later and struggle to go back to bed. I don't remember waking up and feeling refreshed back then.


I was so tired all the time. I was sick of letting my sleep run my life (or lack thereof). It was after having a meltdown over a broken mug that I knew I had to do something.

After venting to my dear friend, she suggested I look into my Circadian Rhythm.

Circuit What Now? She explained our bodies have a “natural internal clock”, and it sounded like mine was out of whack.

So I started my research. I learned one of our most important circadian rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle. The name says it all. Over a 24 hour period - a healthy sleep-wake cycle signals your body to wake up in the morning - and sleep in the evening.

As I went through my symptoms I started to see the bigger picture.

Pretty soon it was clear - this was the culprit behind my wonky sleep schedule all along. I had thrown my sleep-wake cycle off track. When my mind was supposed to send "sleep" signals - it was actually sending "wake" up calls. And it was all reinforced with 2-3 cups of coffee, weird sleeping schedules and mounting stress.

On one hand - I was relieved. I had blamed myself for so long, with no idea of what was actually happening. But here was a logical, scientific explanation.

That's how I found MANTRA Labs.


Based on Nobel-Prize winning science, MANTRA Labs created a 3-Step System to help reset your natural biological clock. With the added benefit of the vitamins, minerals and hydration I needed to be at my best throughout the day.

Their bestseller was the MANTRA Labs Chrono Nutrition Bundle. It said it would align my natural biorhythms to support energy, focus, recovery and sleep.

Here it was - the answer I was looking for wrapped up in a bow. Literally 3 easy steps that naturally worked with my body to stop hitting snooze on my biological clock.

There was a no risk money back guarantee. So I said "why the heck not" - and placed my order.

I received my package in just a few days. I was excited to start - and desperate for help. Inside there were 3 cute jars that assured me I would get all the RISE, GO and REST I needed.

Step 1: RISE I took RISE first thing in the morning when I’m most dehydrated. It smelled like a freshly zested orange as I poured the first scoop. Making it was as simple as adding water. And thanks to the plant-based marine minerals and electrolytes it works quickly to hydrate my body and start my day. One little scoop is all you need.

I was shocked by how much I loved the taste. It was naturally sweetened with stevia - just enough to bring out the natural orange flavors. No artificial flavors, chemicals or sugars - and calorie free.

Within a few minutes I could feel a wash of energy come over me. I noticed how calm and clear headed I felt. I didn’t have to ride the jittery wave of coffee. And I didn’t feel high strung. Plus, I was getting 100% of my key vitamins with each serving. Coffee never did that for me.


Step 2: GO As a recovering caffeine addict - I took comfort knowing I could reach for GO as I needed it. It was perfect for fighting the afternoon crash without any caffeine or sugar. Once in a while I would even take GO with RISE in the morning if I had a big day ahead.

The sugar free energy and plant-powered recovery was just what my body needed. And that meant I didn’t reach for the double-chocolate chunk muffin or another latte to "push through".

Step 3: REST I would take REST around 8:30 to settle myself for the night. Each serving has specifically chosen ingredients to help me relax and fall asleep naturally - such as magnesium and melatonin, GABA, L-Theanine and adaptogen herbs.

I usually drink REST as a hot tea - but it's a nice as an iced tea with an extra wedge of lemon to enhance the natural flavors. The gentle lemon flavor was comforting and soothing. Within 30 minutes I could feel my eyelids start to close - but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

For the first few nights - I was still struggling with my wonky sleep schedule.

But by day 3, a major change happened.... I tried MANTRA Labs for better sleep. But the Chrono Bundle 3-Step system gave me so much more than that.

I started to feel how REST, GO and RISE worked together. I felt alive and full of energy throughout the day. I wasn’t yawning every 5 minutes. I could finally relax, let go, and sleep deeply.

It felt like I reset my sleep-wake cycle in just a few days. I remember crying happy tears in the first week. I called my friend who put me on this path to thank her for the difference she helped me make. I had felt so exhausted for so long. I was beating myself up - but I was fighting my own biology.

I reached out to MANTRA Labs, and they’ve offered all TWG readers a chance to get an exclusive 15% discount on their most popular item — the MANTRA Labs Chrono Nutrition Bundle:

  • RISE - To start my day off RIGHT, with the energy, nutrition and hydrated I need
  • GO - To keep me going with an afternoon boost - keeping my productive all day long‍
  • REST - To trigger my body's sleepy schedule for a peaceful night's sleep


Go ahead and click the button below to choose your bundle. Since it make such a difference in my life - I’ve got my friends hooked too… and here’s why:

When you take care of yourself and give your body what it needs - the change is incredible.

You don’t have to suffer with sleepless nights and groggy mornings. You can ditch the coffee and achieve inner balance naturally by triggering your body’s natural responses. Basically, MANTRA LABS helps you work with your body - not against it.

I’m amazed at the difference MANTRA Labs has made in my life. I feel transformed and have the energy to do so much more.

But there’s one problem. You can’t buy MANTRA Labs in store - only online - and sometimes they sell out! I usually buy a 2 month supply when it’s available.

If you go to the next screen and it’s there, that’s great news! You can take advantage of the TWG- exclusive discount and get your bundle.

Everything’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee — so there’s no risk if you don’t love the results (though I suspect you will).

You don’t have to fight with your biological clock - you can reset it today and take control of your life.


15 Day supply - CHRONO Bundle


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