How to Store Shampoo Bars

How to Store Shampoo Bars

Using a Shampoo Bar

Jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon and switched to shampoo bars instead of liquid ones in a one-time-use plastic bottle? Congratulations, you have taken a major step towards going plastic free! However, this plastic-free shampoo approach of using shampoo bars poses a few problems.

Storing these solid shampoo bars may initially seem a hassle, as it is not as straightforward as keeping a bottle of shampoo in your bathroom. In addition, if these shampoo bars stay wet or even in contact with moisture, they melt quickly and must be frequently replaced.

But worry about that no more, as this article will provide some super easy tips on storing shampoo bars. Find out more at The Worthy Goods as you explore storage solutions to store your shampoo bar.

What to Consider When Storing Shampoo Bars When choosing a way to store your shampoo bars, a few details must be considered. Here are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Choose something that offers proper drainage. Good drainage allows the shampoo bar to dry quickly after use. We will elaborate on this as we discuss some storage methods.

Similar to drainage, it is also essential that your chosen way to store shampoo bars lets air circulate freely around the bar, helping dry it after use.

While it is not used, the bar soap should be kept from moisture. Essentially, ensure that your shampoo bar is stored in a place that mainly consists of dry air, rather than moisture.

We have now established the key pointers that need to be kept in mind while picking a shampoo bar storage method, so here is a list of easy-to-implement, useful storage methods.

In Shower Shampoo Bar Holder

A simple soap dish or container can be kept anywhere in your bathroom: preferably in a dry or relatively drier environment, to keep your soap bar moisture free. In addition, these containers have decent-sized drainage holes, which assist in the timely drying of used soap bars.

A soap dish of this sort comes in various shapes and sizes. Some even are large enough to contain both shampoo and conditioner bars. Like shampoo bars, conditioner bars are a growingly popular product, with many people choosing them over standard liquid conditioners.

The container commonly comes with a lid, which adds an extra measure to keep the shampoo bar inside dry when not used: safe from water splashes or moisture in the air.

Soap Saver Bag

A soap-saver bag is certainly one of the best ways to store your shampoo bar. It serves as a multipurpose manner of storing a soap or shampoo bar. Primarily, these bags provide an easy storage option for all kinds of soaps people use regularly.

In addition, they usually come with some strings or holes, allowing them to be conveniently hung up on any small hook in your bathroom.

These bags are amazing storage methods to get your shampoo bar dry. Since these bags are usually made from some fabric, they are really porous, allowing air to go through, while leftover moisture on the bar can also drip through.

Also, since it is made of absorbent materials, the saver bad dries soap or shampoo bars placed inside pretty quickly, absorbing all the leftover water on their surface.

But storage is not the only thing these storage bags offer. They can effectively act as scrubbing tools too. Place your desired bar inside the bag; this applies to both body and shampoo bars, and scrub away with the bag itself. Due to its fabric-based surface, it provides a quality alternative to exfoliation tools while providing better lather as well.

Ever been in a situation where you need to carry your shampoo bar with you for a short trip but can not decide on the best-suited container for it? A shampoo-saving bag is an ideal pick for such scenarios, too: a small, handy bag that you can easily keep with your things with no risk of ruining other things.

Of course, packing liquid shampoo with your stuff never seems suitable, but this certainly, is a handy option.

Soaps, or shampoo bars, get inconvenient to use when they get smaller. Using a shampoo-saver bag will not be a problem, as you can continue washing with the bag while the bar grows smaller inside. Add another once the older one gets ineffective.

Shower Rack

A simple storage shelf that you may already have in your bathroom can also fulfill your shampoo bar storage problems. Place the shampoo bar on the rack after each use. If taken note of, a few things will help if you use this storage option.

It is advised that the rack should not be in the range of your shower flow to prevent the shampoo bar from getting wet throughout your shower. Similarly, keep it somewhere where the airflow is better, so the bar can dry out quickly.

A shower rack with a base similar to mesh or wire will be a good option, as it offers good drainage, with no possibility of water pooling around the shampoo bar.

Easy Ways to Dry your Shampoo Bar

Sometimes, the approaches mentioned above to let the shampoo bar air dry after every wash may not seem enough. Here are a few tips that can help you dry the bar better.

Consider drying moisture off the bar's surface using a paper towel or cloth. This can reduce a significant amount of moisture from the bar. If you feel the shampoo bar does not dry fast enough in your bathroom, place it outside near a window to let it dry faster.

If you considered using a blowdryer to dry your shampoo bars - do not do that! Shampoo, or even soap bars, will melt away with heat.

Letting your shampoo bar dry in the shower usually works fine; make sure the soap dish or container has holes that will let water drain easily. A dry place to keep and letting water drain quickly is all you need to ensure your shampoo bar completes the life it advertises.

Best Ways to Store Your Shampoo Bar

This article explores a handful of shampoo storage options, with the soap dish and soap saver bag being popular among users. Make sure you use the kinds that keep your shampoo bar completely dry.

Getting creative or aesthetic regarding soap dishes is also possible if you feel like it. For example, you could buy wooden soap dishes or redecorate the ones you already have. Anything that pleases the eye.

If you have gone through this article, how to store shampoo bars should no more be something you are insufficiently informed about. These are all the best methods to store your solid shampoo bars while ensuring they do not have a life cut down by getting mushy and soft.

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