See you never, acne! How this skincare discovery finally cleared up my skin.


I did not think I’d still be dealing with acne in my thirties.

I had breakouts all the time as a teen. But my mom reassured me that I’d grow out of it when I was an adult.

But I didn’t.

My skin continued to break out in my twenties.

It was annoying. Not just the breakouts, but the time I spent putting makeup on to cover it up.

Of course, I tried acne treatments from the drug store. Some of them worked at first, but the effects would soon wear off and the breakouts would eventually come back.

I thought my acne would have to clear up at some point. But maybe it was just hopeful thinking.

It was when I turned 30, and my skin still suffered from breakouts that I decided to visit a dermatologist.

She reassured me there were many women my age, and older, who had acne.

I was first given a prescription for a topical lotion to try. I was warned that it would make my skin feel really dry at first, but that my skin would get used to it and the dryness would go away.

Well, that lotion did dry my skin out. It was peeling, flaking, and it felt really irritated. I used it for about 6 weeks but my skin never got used to it. I did have fewer pimples, but I th

I was then given a prescription for antibiotics. This worked! My skin cleared up right away. But as soon as I was done with the prescription, my acne came back.

I didn’t want to stay on antibiotics permanently, so I went to another dermatologist.

He told me my best option was a particular skincare regimen with products he sold out of his clinic. He told me it was working wonders for his patients. The four products he recommended cost almost $500. But I was willing to try anything, so I bought them.

But that didn’t work either.

I was furious I spent that much money on something that didn’t work at all!

I lost faith that I would ever find something to clear up my acne‍

For the next few years, I just put up with the breakouts. After my bad experiences with over-the-counter products and the so-called skin specialists, I was skeptical that anything could ever work for me.

Then one day, I was on my social media feed. Someone I was connected with was talking about her experience in clearing up her acne. She said she’d been dealing with breakouts for 20 years, and she had finally found something that worked.

It was a three-step system from a company called BalmLabs. Their products were specifically made for adults with acne. They said their formulations were both powerful enough to get rid of acne, but gentle enough to keep your skin soft and smooth.

I had to check this out! If she could get rid of her persistent acne, maybe I could too!

I placed my order, and waited with a mix of excitement and skepticism

After my negative experiences in the past, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But at the same time, I was excited I might finally get the clear skin I’ve always dreamed of. Having constant breakouts can take a toll on your confidence.

When the products arrived, I tried them right away. They were really easy to use, and didn’t irritate my skin at all.

I saw that they didn’t contain any of the chemicals that can be hard on your skin and health like sulfates, parabens, PEGs, artificial dyes or fragrances. And they were vegan, cruelty and chemical-free.

But even better?

They said that if my skin didn’t improve in 30 days, they’d give me my money

So, I used them faithfully for the next month.

I didn’t notice anything drastic in the first few days except that my skin felt less irritated. But after that my skin gradually improved. My skin felt softer and looked more even toned. And then I noticed my acne was less pronounced… and there weren’t any new breakouts appearing.

Not only that, but other people were noticing and giving me compliments.

Could this really be happening? After so many ups and downs over the years, I almost couldn’t believe it.

But now I’ve been using it for four months and it’s still working!

I’m so thrilled I finally found a skincare brand that’s actually helped to clear up my acne!

I only wish I found BalmLabs sooner.

My skin is glowing and my confidence is soaring. I don’t feel embarrassed about the condition of my skin anymore, and it’s the best feeling ever.

In fact, I never miss an opportunity to tell people about BalmLabs. I don’t want anyone else to wait 20 years for better skin.

Ordering the 3-Step Acne System from BalmLabs completely changed my skin for the better. If you have acne and breakouts, you’ll want to try it, too!

ClearBalm 3-Step Acne System


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