How I found beautiful, bold makeup that was safe for my skin and for the environment


I love makeup. I’ve always enjoyed wearing it, and experimenting with bold looks.

But I’ve also had a lot of problems with makeup. Sometimes it irritates my skin so much that I have to wash it off, then deal with redness and itchiness for a few days.

And for someone who loves to wear makeup, it’s really upsetting.

It was these irritating reactions that started my search for more natural makeup. When I first started looking I was thrilled there were so many choices out there. It was reassuring to see cosmetic companies selling natural makeup that was safe to wear, and also safe for the environment.

My excitement to find more natural makeup quickly turned to disappointment

So many of the brands I discovered gave a no-makeup look. I think that bare face look suits some people beautifully. Just not me. I love wearing makeup, and the look of wearing makeup. It’s a part of my personality!

After browsing several websites, I finally settled on a brand that promised natural ingredients and no irritation. I chose a foundation and a lip gloss. I would have bought more, but it was so much more expensive than what I’m used to.

When my new makeup arrived, I was so excited to try it!

The texture of the foundation was a bit different than what I was used to, but I wanted to keep an open mind. After applying I noticed that it didn’t really make a difference to my face. There was almost no coverage and it gave me that bare-skin look I wasn’t really into. The lip gloss didn’t have much pigment to it either, but I was willing to give it a go.

It was about three hours later that my skin started to feel tight. I looked in the mirror and noticed the lip gloss disappeared and that my face was a bit red. I immediately washed my face, then had a look at the ingredient list on the package…

Even though their website said the foundation was natural, I saw that some of the ingredients were not. I couldn’t believe it!


Why was it so difficult to find makeup that looked great and was natural and clean?

I realized I was going to have to do more research. I needed to find something that actually worked and gave me the makeup look I wanted. But I also needed a brand that was natural and safe for me and the environment.

The more I looked the more I saw that many of the companies claiming to be natural still had toxic ingredients in their formulations such as phthalates or parabens.

Why was this so difficult? There had to be something out there that was natural, but that also satisfied my desire for the makeup look I love.

After searching, and searching, I finally found the perfect makeup brand!

I was about to give up. I had combed through dozens of websites only to be disappointed with what I found.

And then, I stumbled upon Aislling Organics. At first I thought they were going to be like the other brands I looked at… full of natural claims, but sneaky ingredients I didn’t want to use.

But Aisling was different. It was founded by a woman named Krysta. She loved makeup too! But she was riddled with health problems such as migraines and nausea. Through her own investigations she discovered it was from the conventional makeup she was using. Those products were full of mercury, aluminum, and flame-retardants.

That discovery motivated her to create makeup that was natural, clean and healthy. And that’s how Aisling Organics was born.

As I read through the website I became even more convinced that I had to give them a try. All of the products were vegan, botanically-based and organic. There were tons of 5-star reviews too!

Next stop: the full, beautiful makeup look I love!

I decided to order the Full Face Glow Kit, which includes a foundation, lip oil and mascara. Plus it was only $69.99, and it came with a risk-free guarantee.

I was so excited for it to arrive, but I was trying not to get my hopes up. I’d been disappointed so many times before, I didn’t want it to happen again.

When my package arrived, I tore it open immediately.

I started with the foundation, which included skin-friendly ingredients like aloe vera and Vitamin E. As I applied it I noticed how luminous and smooth it made my skin look. So far, so good.

Next, I tried the mascara. It was amazing! No clumps, and it made my lashes look thick and healthy. Then finally, I tried the antioxidant-packed lip oil. I was in heaven! Plenty of pigment, lots of shine and it made my lips look beautiful. It felt so luxurious, too.

I was thrilled with the look and the feel. Now, it was a matter of seeing if my skin reacted with any irritation.

A few hours later my skin felt soft and comfortable. And the makeup was still looking great. No caking, no fading and no running.

I’ve been using Aisling Organics for a few months now, and I’ve never felt more happy or confident!

My skin loves my new makeup. I haven’t had any reactions, and my skin actually looks and feels better now. I think it’s all those clean, hydrating and natural ingredients.

I’m getting so many compliments, too! I have several friends who have made the switch to Aisling Organics. They all tell me the same thing: They feel good about supporting a woman-led company that’s focused on doing good for the environment and doing good for our health.

If that’s something you want for yourself, you should try Aisling Organics too! I recommend starting with the same kit that I got. It’s called the Full Face Glow Kit. And I love that it’s affordable. The kit comes with foundation, lip oil and mascara for only $69.99.

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