After trying almost every adult acne treatment available I finally found something that worked for me -- And I guarantee it'll work for you too.


I have cried a thousand tears in Dermatologist offices.

I have made up fake excuses and hidden at home just to avoid being seen at a party or event.

I have worn big hats, excessive accessories, and piles of foundation and concealer…

Just to hide a fresh breakout that has taken over my face…and my plans.

Back in the spring of 2018, my self-confidence was at an all-time low.

I had seen Dermatologists, Estheticians and skincare experts, and tried pretty much every single acne product I could find. But inevitably they left my skin irritated and breakouts worse.

I thought I simply had to accept the continual cycle of breakouts — that this was my skin and nothing would fix it. I felt defeated. I felt depressed. I felt helpless.

I tried drug store products with heavy chemicals that ended up stripping my skin’s oils and drying it out.

I tried prescription topical lotions, but they caused more peeling, flaking, and irritation than the acne itself…

I tried oral drugs (retinoids) — which worked — but as soon as I stopped taking them, my acne came back…

I just felt so helpless and defeated. I had lost faith that I would ever find something to clear up my acne.

That was when something unexpected happened…

I met Dr. Robin Schaffran — an award-winning Beverly Hills Dermatologist who had worked with thousands of patients suffering from adult acne over the course of her career.


She told me she’d seen so many people in the same position I was in that her heart was broken. For them. For me. For all of us…

In her **20 years **of practicing Dermatology there hadn’t been any real innovation in adult acne care. Which meant thousands of Americans didn’t have access to safe, effective products that actually cleared up the acne without irritating their sensitive adult skin.

Little did I know that my meeting with Robin would change the course of BOTH of our lives.

Robin later told me that meeting me pushed her over the edge.

Her frustration had been growing for years and she was finally fed up enough to do something about it.

She told me she had been working behind the scenes for a while. Researching different active ingredients and natural alternatives that could actually help resolve the underlying issues causing adult breakouts and cystic acne in people like me.

BUT she also said that she didn’t have time to continue doing this research by herself…

I never thought I’d be having the conversation we had next.

Shortly afterwards, Robin reached out to me to discuss what working together to develop some next generation adult acne products might look like…


We agreed that creating something truly innovative meant getting rid of the age old actives - benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinol, sulfur - and finding new ones altogether.

They had to have nothing but the highest quality plant-powered ingredients.

And they really HAD TO WORK!

I agreed to be the “guinea pig” for testing our new formulations.

And we agreed that if what we developed actually worked for me, we would do some consumer panel trials to really put them to the test…


I just sat there for a while thinking about how crazy this whole situation was.

To be honest, I had joked about creating something myself before…but that was purely because I was so fed up that nothing else out there was working for me.

I never actually thought that would be a serious possibility though…

The more I thought about our conversation, the more passionate I got.

Being part of a project that could not only help me resolve my own skin issues — but would also mean others don’t have to go through what I went through…

To help them experience the freeing nature of not having to think about their breakouts day in and day out…

To experience the confidence that comes from clear skin…


That was the most excited I had been about anything in years!

Over the next 14 months…

We spent countless hours assembling the best cosmetic chemists and scientists across North America (29 in total).

Sourcing new ingredients and actives — many of which we were the first skincare company to get access to.

And producing batch after batch until we had the best possible formulations for the needs of adult acne-prone skin…

Finally, after 14 months of experimentation, trial and error, blood, sweat, and tears…

ClearBalm was born — a plant-powered, science-driven, 3-step system for adult acne-prone skin.

I couldn’t wait to try it out…

I noticed an immediate difference in the look and feel of my skin - by two weeks my breakouts were effectively clearing, my redness was gone, any irritation had calmed down entirely

Not only that, but other people were noticing and giving me compliments.

Could this really be happening?! After so many ups and downs over the years, I almost couldn’t believe it.

I can still remember how incredible it felt just looking at myself in the mirror. I’m not ashamed to admit I spent hours looking closely at my pores and skin — silently thanking the universe for the path it had put me on.

At that point, Robin and I decided it was time to try out the products with some of her patients. If they worked so well for me then maybe they could work for others who had tried “everything else” too.

We trialed them with a bunch of people over the next month and then had them complete a survey to share their results…

We were truly BLOWN AWAY!

Not only with the results people were seeing, but also with the speed at which they were seeing them...

10/10 Reported a reduced frequency of breakouts

10/10 Experienced a reduced number of blemishes

9/10 saw improved clarity and reduced redness

Incredible! I was so over the moon after seeing my own skin’s response to the Cleanser, Elixir, and Serum Hydrator that it made me ecstatic to hear so many others were experiencing the same thing with those products…

We knew right then and there that we had to share them with people everywhere.

The first step to clear skin is ultimately about making a change

Which can be incredibly scary…

Even when you finally muster up the courage to try something new, you still live in fear…

Fear of another product failure…

Fear that it’s going to make your skin worse….

Fear of just feeling let down again. Defeated.

I’ve been there. I mean I have REALLY been there.

And I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

I’m here to help in any way I can.

And I want to start by sharing the exact same products that legitimately cleared up my decade long acne-riddled skin. Believe me, they really do work as advertised.

I also want you to know that trying them is 100% risk free. We offer a no-questions-asked 30 Day VISIBLE RESULTS GUARANTEE.

Plain and simple — if you purchase the ClearBalm 3-Step System, use it for 30 days, and don’t see and feel a noticeable difference in your skin, you can return the products for a refund. Even if there isn’t one drop left in the bottles…

Another thing I’m going to do to make it easier to take the next step is offer you the best price we have ever sold the ClearBalm 3-Step System for…

Just check out the link below to learn more about how ClearBalm can help you achieve clear skin confidence. Again, or maybe for the first time in your life.

We’d be honored if you tried it. And we promise — Robin, myself, and the rest of the BalmLabs community will be here with you every step of the way ❤

ClearBalm 3-Step Acne System


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