HEAL is NOT a protein shake… It’s a complete meal

1336+ Trusted Customer Reviews

HEAL is NOT A Protein Shake… It’s A Complete Meal

Whether you work out or work from home HEAL is the EASIEST way to get all the essential nutrients you need to succeed

Try this 100% Natural Plant-Based Superfood Meal and get ready to experience:

      More Energy and Mental Clarity

      Less Junk Food Cravings

      Stronger Immune System

      Weight Loss & Less Inflammation

      Better, More Restful Sleeps

HEAL's formulation is high in Protein
HEAL's formulation is 100% Vegan
HEAL is 100% Organic
HEAL is Gluten Free
HEAL is GMO Free

For Health Conscious People On-The-Go

Thousands of Americans just like you are adding HEAL to their daily routine


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Discover What HEAL’s Doctor Developed, Science-Backed Formula Can Do For YOU!

HEAL is packed full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, prebiotics and probiotics for whole nutrition you can feel

HEAL Is Made From Concentrated Fruits, Vegetables, And Superfoods In Their Purest Form

Each meal packs 50% of your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals into a delicious berry flavored shake.

Our production process is as simple and pure as the fresh ingredients we use.


We source the freshest organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other superfoods


Our growers freeze dry or cold process them to prevent oxidation and maintain their nutrients


We gently blend the ingredients into an ultra-concentrated nutrient rich powder. Perfect for mixing delicious berry flavored shakes and adding to morning smoothies

Pea Protein*, Brown Rice Solids*, Hemp Seed Protein*, Banana Fruit Powder , Coconut Oil Powdered Creamer, Coconut Milk Powder*, Spinach Leaf Powder*, Pumpkin Seed Protein , High Linoleic Safflower Oil, Date Powder , Flaxseed Powder, Red Beet Juice Powder*, Kale Powder*, Natural Flavour , Brown Rice Protein, Sweet Potato Powder*, Carrot Powder*, Lentein Complete (Water Lentils Protein) Powder, Papaya Fruit Concentrate, Seaweed Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract*, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Peppermint Powder*, Fruit & Vegetable Blend (Spinach*, Broccoli*, Carrot*, Beet*, Tomato*, Apple*, Cranberry*, Orange*, Blueberry Powder*, Strawberry*, Shiitake Mushroom*), Natural Flavour, Kelp Powder*, Lactobacillus Plantarum, (1 Billion/ serving). Organically grown ingredients.

HEAL is Trusted by Doctors, Athletes, and Moms Across America. Are You Next?


HEAL Plant-Based Meal Replacement x 2 Tubs

HEAL Plant-Based Meal Replacement x 2 Tubs

Each tub of HEAL includes 29 of the most concentrated, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods to give your body a super dose of potent, natural vitamins and minerals from fresh, whole foods.

  • 2 X tubs of HEAL (15 servings / tub)




HEAL Plant-Based Meal Replacement x 4 Tubs

HEAL Plant-Based Meal Replacement x 4 Tubs

Each tub of HEAL includes 29 of the most concentrated, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods to give your body a super dose of potent, natural vitamins and minerals from fresh, whole foods.

  • 4 X tubs of HEAL (15 servings / tub)
  • Our most popular starter bundle







HEAL Plant-Based Meal Replacement x 6 Tubs

HEAL Plant-Based Meal Replacement x 6 Tubs

Each tub of HEAL includes 29 of the most concentrated, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods to give your body a super dose of potent, natural vitamins and minerals from fresh, whole foods.

  • 6 X tubs of HEAL (15 servings / tub)
  • Perfect for single people / families committed to long term nutrition







If you don’t love HEAL and the results it offers, we will gladly offer you a refund.

85% of Americans are Malnourished and Suffer from Hidden Hunger – HEAL is Helping Changing This

Hidden Hunger (aka “micronutrient deficiencies”) occurs when the quality of food you eat doesn’t meet your basic nutrient requirements.

According to the US FDA, 85%+ of Americans are malnourished!

This means even if you are consuming the recommended amount of daily calories your body still lacks key vitamins and nutrients critical for your physical and mental health.

If you’re experiencing any of these things, very likely your body is in a state of Hidden Hunger:

     X Sudden and intense food cravings

     X Frequent tiredness and body fatigue

     X Difficulty concentrating

     X Getting sick often and recovering slowly

     X Significant weight gain (or loss)

     X Swelling or fluid accumulation

     X Loss of appetite

HEAL is specially formulated to provide your body with all of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs so you can say goodbye to Hidden Hunger -- FOR GOOD!.

Thousands Of Americans Are Fueling Their Minds And Bodies With HEAL

Pete W


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It’s Amazing

Drinking Heal is more of a spiritual experience. You can feel energetic activation within it. It’s incredibly nourishing & feels like medicine rather than just having a shake to support protein intake. You can feel within it’s design it’s purpose to heal the body.

Patty B


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We are Thrilled with HEAL!

My husband, John, was diagnosed with ALS in May 2017 at the age of 50. John has been using HEAL for the past 8-10 days and has had a minimum of 9 hours of sleep per night since then. He feels and looks better, and told me yesterday that he was able to move his head/neck easier and his range of motion exercises are easier than before. John and I are thrilled with HEAL … real food, organic, healthy and we know what he’s eating all of the time.

Jess G


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Best Meal Replacement Ever

Heal has been the best I’ve tried so far. It makes me so happy knowing that there are no fillers or artificial ingredients, and I don’t have to worry about a huge company changing the ingredient list/quality without me knowing.

Trish K


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I Love HEAL!

I love heal! It does not impact my acid reflux like other products. It tastes fresh, and has provided me with the energy/fuel i need for intense crossfit training.

As a Vegan Super Athlete I rely on only clean products to fuel my body. I look for whole food ingredients that will support me to build strength and accelerate my recovery, which is why I choose HEAL. It allows me to nourish my body with the fuel it needs to feel energized to cross a finish line, or just move you through the day

HEAL has made meeting our macro and micro nutrient targets much easier. HEAL has proved convenient at moments when we just could not access quality food. It has certainly prevented us from snacking on crap in moments of unbridled hunger. It’s been 7-months now using HEAL and there have been no negatives.


YES, we are currently working on our organic certification but the ingredients are all organic and non GMO

The raw ingredients are freeze dried or cold processed by the grower. This safe guards against oxidation and nutritional decay. We then blend ingredients into the combination that is HEAL.

No, it is actually the opposite. The minute a plant is picked it starts to decay and oxidize. This is natures process for returning it to the soil. By freeze drying at time of picking we remove the oxidative quality of water and stabilize and safeguard the nutritional value of the plant. This nutrition is then unlocked at time of consumption when water is re-introduced to the powder. It is why HEAL is a powder and not a liquid requiring pasteurization.

HEAL has a multitude of ingredients that have clinical studies behind them. As a completed product we have met the highest standard for food in Canada. We have not done any clinical trials with HEAL but have it tested post-production to prove it has in it what our nutritional panel states and meets that guideline. We then lean into the ingredients for their medicinal values and the amazing testimonials we are receiving including yours.

3-4 servings

Most vegans struggle to source or maintain the nutrients required for optimal health. HEAL can give anyone (plant-based eaters or not) confidence they are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to support their mental and physical health. 2 servings of HEAL provides over 100% of your daily requirements.

This allows you to choose foods you enjoy and stop living an avoidance diet. Making veganism a more sustainable lifestyle for anyone wanting to make that change.

All of HEALS raw ingredients go through a third-party laboratory test for heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, and microbial contamination before being blended into HEAL. We source, test, and blend, only the cleanest of ingredients we can find.

Synthetic Isolates are any vitamins, or minerals, or compounds not coming naturally from food. Factory produced nutrition is not natural and therefore not as bio available as natures phytonutrients. Nature designed plants to deliver the nutrient from the earth to our mouth. We have interrupted this process with processed foods and synthetic isolates.

Who uses them? Almost everyone. There is not another complete food formulation on the market other then HEAL that is completely free of synthetics and is sourcing all its nutritional requirements from all-natural food ingredients.


Risk Free Money Back Guarantee